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The Meta-Wiki provides references to information, working groups, people, work aids and tools: Detailed information on content and use
After the first login please enter your own job title, Abteilung and e-mail of your supervisor(s) for activation to send.
Translations into the preferred language set in the browser are done automatically. Exception: Some things are currently not translated.
The team We grow together has revised the profiles of its group societies, created FAQs and added video interviews ( Profiles of the group companies - see below).

System & Database Info
Version: 0.9.95 / 21.04.2023
Data status: Details

292 Mitarbeiter in the address book
202 registered in MetaWiki

6.471 Kunden & interested parties
2.194 Kunden with Projekten

23.002 Projekte
45.446 Projekt-messages
1.531 new Projekte / month

1.817 Company profiles (market)
2.396 Contact (market)
18.257 Product data (market)

Mitarbeiter Address books

Guide for Mitarbeiter

Profiles of the Group companies (bold entries are with video interview)

Competence and interest groups

Systems in test mode (T) or in proposal status (V)

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